About the Tool

NEW: If you supply a gamemode after your username or without a username for the !u and !s commands, it will update using that gamemode! For example, !u ctb will update your CTB stats, and !s rrtyui mania will show you rrtyui's mania stats!

General Information

Osu!track updater is an IRC-based bot that interfaces with osu!track and allows you to interact with it through in-game pm. Using this tool, you can perform various tasks such as see how much pp, rank, etc. you've gained since your last update, view the stats of another user, and various other functions all by just sending a PM in-game.

How to Use

Using the updater is simple. Simply send an in-game message to Ameo with the content !update. It may take a few seconds for the command to process if other users are using the program, but shortly after you should receive a reply.

If you are a new user and this is your first time updating stats, you will have no data to use as a base of reference, and so you will have to play a song before you can update again. Every time you update, the program compares your current stats against your stats the last time you recorded an update and shows you what's changed since then.

Try it youself: Send the user Ameo a PM in-game with the content !update

Your stats are updated and recorded every time you either visit your profile page on this site or send the !update command via PM. To view the stats of another player, simply use !update username, replacing username with the name of the person you want to update.


There are more commands than just update! Below is a list of all the commands the bot has to offer and what they do. Any terms in [brackets] should be replaced with another term depending on what you're looking for. Terms in (paranthesis) are optional.

Command Aliases Function Example
!update (username) (gamemode) !u Updates a user's data in the osu!track database and shows what has changed since the last update. If you specify a mode (taiko, mania, ctb) after the username, it will use that mode. !u, !track ctb, !u rrtyui mania
!help !faq, !info, !commands, !about Links you to this page. !help
!mail (username) [message] !tell, !pm, !msg, !m Sends a message to an offline player. Replace spaces with underscores in usernames! !mail wub_woof_wolf Gibbe the pp boss
!stats (username) (gamemode) !s Views basic information about either you (no arguments) or another user (supply username). Also updats that user's stats on osu!track. If you specify a mode (taiko, mania, ctb) after the username, it will use that mode. !s, !s taiko, !s rrtyui mania
!contact !feedback, !comment Gives information about how to contact me about the tool! !contact
!link !l Links your username with an osu! username so that commands like !u when run without a username will be linked to the specified username. !link YourUsername
!reddit !sub, !subreddit Gives you a link to the osu! subreddit, /r/osugame. !reddit
!site !osu Gives you a link to the osu! homepage, osu.ppy.sh. !site
!forums !forum Provides a link to the official osu! forums !forum