Osu!track Mailerbot Reference

General Information

The osu!track bot now has a new functionality - sending messages to offline friends ingame!

If you've never heard of osu!track or the bot before, osu!track is a tool that was created to allow players to record, log, and track their gameplay statistics over time in osu!. Previously the bot only had the purpose of updating player stats and viewing recorded stats data (check out this page for more info), but now it has a new functionality: sending mail to offline players!

Usage Instructions

To use the mailerbot, just send a message to Ameo ingame like you would for the osu!track bot with the following format: !mail username message Here's an example:

!mail osu_player Hey nice playing with you today - talk to you tomorrow!

This will queue a message to osu_player that will be sent to them the next time they log in. If they're already logged in, it will be sent immediately.

It's that easy! Just send a message to me ingame and it will send you a confirmation message when it's been queued. You can even try it out with yourself if you want.

Important Notes

  • When sending messages to players with spaces in their names, you must replace them with underscores. Failing to do so may have... undesirable consequences.

  • !tell, !msg, and !pm, and just !m work the same as !mail.

  • Also when using this bot, please don't do anything that will piss off me, peppy, or any other player. That means no spamming other players, using the bot to send naughty things... You get the picture.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the bot! If you have any questions about it or would like to suggest changes or additions, leave a comment on the reddit post or send an email to me@ameobea.me and I'll get back to you! I hope you enjoy the bot and find it useful!